Made by Forest is a project based on the concept of imprinting the forest atmosphere into elements of contemporary product and graphic design.

'The Woods Smell of Shampoo'

"The Woods Smell of Shampoo"is the name of Koert van Mensvoort´s TV
documentary. In the documentary, the Dutch scientist and artist deals
with the relationship between reality and impresion, between reality and reality mediated by the media.
While for the last ten thousand years, people have perceived nature in more or less unchanged way, now we can set foot into the woods with a feeling similar to that of Mensvoort´s little daughter who felt the familiar scent of pine shampoo.
Are we that much influenced by media? Can a TV shot or ad comprehend our notion of what a tree looks and smells like? Which of the things in our daily life are still authentic? This question, as part of one thing and defense of the other, but rather a neutral reflection on man and his attitude to the forest in a collection of objects and graphics on the theme of the interconnection of civilization and nature.