The bench is made of the firewood Josef and Zdeňka stocked upsome 40 years ago. However, it did not end up in the fire. Due to a lucky chance, it was conserved in the form of half-round logs until it became a perfect material for the making of a bench. Bench Věra and side table Zdeňka are another pieces of the collection made out of the wood found for heating. Birch, hornbeam or ash tree wood is supported by the steel frame structure with the comaxit surface finish.
Limited edition of 6 pieces, the same number as the amount of the family members is. Each of different shape, each individually made.

title: Bench Josef, Bench Věra, Side table Zdeňka
material: birch, hornbeam, ash tree wood, steel frame
Josef: 42 cm x 140 cm x 38 cm
Věra: 42cm x 22 cm x 85 cm
Zdeňka: 32cm x 42 cm x 42 cm
author: Klára Šumová
photo: Petr Karšulín, Michael Tomeš